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Pet Vaccinations With Pet Vet Partners in Crete and Dyer

One of the best ways to make sure your pet lives a long, healthy life is by having him vaccinated at the proper times. When we vaccinate your pet, we're giving him medicine that helps his body to grow a strong immune system. This helps to fight off diseases that can be serious or even fatal. At Pet Vet Partners we recommend that all of our furry patients have regular pet vaccinations every year to keep them healthy and free from disease.

puppy golden retrievers

Crete Veterinarian Talks About Core Vaccines

Vaccines come in two categories, core, and non-core. The core vaccines are the ones that every pet needs, regardless of lifestyle or circumstances. Some common core vaccines include rabies and distemper. We give core vaccines to every one of our patients.

Non-core vaccines are only given to pets in certain environments or circumstances. Dogs or cats that are boarded in kennels, or dogs who spend time in dog parks, should be vaccinated for bordetella or kennel cough. Dogs that spend a lot of time outside in wooded areas need to be vaccinated for Lyme disease. We administer non-core vaccines to our patients on a case by case basis. Our Crete veterinarian will consult with you about your pet's environment and lifestyle before advising which vaccines should be administered.

When to Have Vaccines With Your Dyer Veterinarian

Pet vaccines are given at different times, depending on how old your dog or cat is.  Puppies and kittens receive immunity from their mothers through their milk, so your youngest pets are safe as long as the mother is free of health problems. Beginning at about eight weeks of age, your pet should get a vaccine every month, with the final vaccine at about 16 weeks of age. This series of vaccinations will help your pet's body to build up a solid immune system.

Once your pet has its immune base, she will need booster vaccinations at different intervals. Depending on the vaccine, we'll administer some of them every year, while others are only needed every three years.

Call Our Veterinarian Office

At Pet Vet Partners we offer different veterinary services to fit different lifestyles. Our office in Crete is a full-service veterinary office, offering routine preventative care for your dog or cat. Our office in Dyer is a low-cost walk-in outpatient clinic. We share the same patient database between the two offices, so no matter where you take your pet, we'll always have her records. If it's time for your pet to be vaccinated, give us a call at 708-672-7269 to make an appointment at the Crete office, or just stop by in Dyer and we'll see your pet right away.